Sparks Meats

About Us

Jacob Sparks, owner of Sparks Meats grew up in New Carlisle, and has known he wanted to be in the beef industry from his early experience in FFA, 4-H and raising dairy feeders for the Clark County Fair to working for a cattle company.  About five years ago, he began selling freezer beef and educating individuals on the meats that they are eating – while working a full-time job. With a new little mouth to feed (Kelton) and the support of his loving wife Cassie, he quit his full-time job and began to focus on growing his business, selling freezer beef to customers locally as well as in northern Ohio, Indiana and Georgia.

Although a retail store was not planned, it had always been one of Jacob’s goals and after opening Sparks Meats  and seeing the exceptional response from local customers he knew he was on to something.  With today’s economy and today’s world, people want to know where their food is coming from. Sparks Meats offers fresh-cut, locally raised meats including beef, chicken and pork, as well as frozen meats. Special cuts include steaks, ground beef, hamburger patties, ribs, brisket, chuck roast, chicken wings, smoked bacon, brats, sausage links and pork chops. There’s a lot of meat sold in the United States that is imported and exported. All the meat sold at Sparks is homegrown with no hormones and no steroids.

Sparks recent foray into the Beef Jerky business as also proven to be a big success with their “Gourmet Brisket Beef Jerky” now available in over 40 locations.

Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority and Sparks Meats strives to stand apart from big box meat markets to give their customers the kind of individual attention they deserve.